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Services offered

Medical form with stethoscope
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Outpatient clinic consultation

I would be delighted to meet you in the outpatient clinic for a consultation. I am happy to offer a telephone consultation if you wish.

Following our consultation, I may request further investigations in order to reach a diagnosis. At which point we can plan further management of your problem.


I am an experienced consultant colorectal and pelvic floor surgeon. I offer a wide range of operations and procedures. These may include minimal access, or key-hole, surgery. 

I am an accredited colonoscopist.

I also have expertise in a wide range of highly specialised treatments for the various pelvic floor disorders, such as minimal access prolapse surgery, sphincter repair, sphincter bulking agents, and sacral nerve stimulation.

Examples of other treatments offered include laser treatment of fistula and haemorrhoids, Rafaelo procedure, haemorrhoid artery ligation, video-assisted ablation of fistula, and advancements flaps.

Expert witness services

Due to my experience and expertise, I am in a position to offer my services as an expert witness for medico-legal cases. My areas of expertise are in colorectal, pelvic floor and emergency general surgery. I have undertaken a Bond-Solon expert witness course.

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